Artist: Ruston Kelly
Hometown:  Nashville, TN
Latest Album: Halloween
Personal Nicknames: None


Thanks WMOT 89.5 for having me out today to play prolly the saddest set list ever to be broadcast. #1000graves

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If you could go back (or forward) to live in any decade, when would you choose? 

To be in my 20s or 30s in the late '50s.

Who would be your dream co-writer?

I had a few. Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, and Natalie Hemby. I'm lucky to say that not only are they all seriously beautiful souls, but we're buds now. Natalie and I have a piece of notebook paper officiating our brother/sister bond, actually. 

If a song started playing every time you entered the room, what would you want it to be?

"Reigning Blood" by Slayer

What is the one thing you can’t survive without on tour?

It was cigarettes, now it's a phone charger and whatever book I'm on at the moment. 

What are you most afraid of?

Being a fucking lunatic.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Nicki Minaj


Ay just wait #BLACKMAGIC video coming so soon

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Pickles or olives?

Pickles, duh.

Plane, train, or automobile?


Which is worse -- rainy days or Mondays?

Rainy days are the best days, so I'm gonna go with Mondays!

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