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BGS Advertising Inquiry Form



Overview of the promotional options available, please use the form above to get quotes and communicate custom package requests.

Instagram and Facebook Advertising

  • Includes up to 5 ad variations (videos or images)and links can be assorted
  • One month duration; can be extended for prorated cost
  • Campaigns targeted to BGS followers and their connections, website visitors, and custom audiences (tailored to geography and interest)

Site-Wide Header Banner Ad

  • Appears on all BGS content pages
  • Size: 1250 x 250 px // Still image of GIF animation
  • Up to 3 ad variations and links can be assorted

Home Page Banner Ad

  • Appears half-way down the front homepage only of TheBluegrassSituation.com
  • Size: 604 x 604 px // Still image of GIF animation
  • Up to 5 ad variations and links can be assorted

Exclusive Email Promotions

  • Exclusive mailing to BGS subscriber list (~20,000 subscribers)
  • Variable content sizes, layouts, and video formats are available
  • Can be geo-targeted
  • Accompanying Instagram and Facebook ads can be added on for an additional fee

Weekly Newsletter Promotion

  • One week inclusion in the BGS Newsletter (~20,000 subscribers)
  • Variable content sizes and Video formats are available

Podcast Sponsorship

  • Choose from individual podcasts or across all shows on the BGS Podcast Network
  • Single 0:30 sponsor messaging in the podcast pre-roll or mid-roll
  • Sponsor inclusion and tagging in all site features, social posts, and podcast copy
  • Includes homepage square graphic ad

ā€œBGS PRESENTSā€ – Geo-Targeted Show Promotion Package

  • Tiered pricing dependent on the size of the room
  • Show listing on BGS site concert calendar + Facebook event calendar
  • Custom graphics
  • Inclusion in BGS weekly newsletter for initial on-sale and again beginning 4 weeks from the show until sold out
  • Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram (50% of budget)
  • Optional ticket giveaway add on for additional charge
  • Optional curated Spotify playlist for an additional charge

BGS Site and Social Metrics

  • Site Traffic: 275,000+ Unique Pageviews (Monthly)
  • Facebook: 300,000 Followers
  • Instagram: 55,000 Followers
  • Twitter: 16,000 Followers
  • Combined Social Impressions (Monthly): 4.2M
  • Combined Social Engagements (Monthly): 250,000
  • Newsletter: 21,000 Subscribers



The info below is to be used as a guideline for promotional asset preparation by BGS partners.

Site-wide Banner

  • Size: 1250 x 250 pixels
  • Image or GIF animation less than 5MB
  • Provide destination link

Social Ads

  • Image dimensions 1080 x 1080 pixels, png or jpg
  • Video and GIF files are also an option, please have all videos cut to 60 seconds or less.
  • Provide ad text, Instagram truncates text longer than 215 characters (viewer would need to click ā€˜moreā€™ to see full text)
  • Provide headline text for Facebook only: 25 characters.
  • Provide inks destination

Home-page content square (large)

  • Size: 800 x 800 pixels
  • Image or GIF animation less than 5MB
  • Provide destination link
  • Appears on the homepage only, below the videos section.

Home-page content square (small)

  • Size: 600 x 600 pixels
  • Image or GIF animation less than 5MB
  • Provide destination link
Dedicated Emailing
  • Email/Event Title
  • Key dates and locationsĀ 
  • Click-thru link provided for the call-to-action button
  • Short tagline or intro sentence(s) above image
  • Main image or embedded video (800 pixels wide, height variable, 800 max)
  • Main copy block with more explanation, information
  • Additional images below main copy block
  • Footer info for your organization and/or fine print
Newsletter Display Ad
  • 800 pixels wide, height variable, 800 max
  • Image or GIF animation less than 5MB
  • Provide destination link
BGS Advertising Inquiry Form
BGS Advertising Inquiry Form