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WATCH: Ash & Eric,
PremieresApr 20, 2022

Artist: Dom Flemons Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Song: "Steel Pony Blues" Album: Americana Railroad Release Date: June 17, 2022 Label: Renew/BMG In Their Words: "I wrote 'Steel Pony Blues' after reading The Life and Adventures of Nat Love, an autobiography written by the famous black cowboy Nat Love in 1907. Born into slavery in 1854, Nat…

WATCH: Ash & Eric,
PremieresApr 15, 2022

Artist: Tone Dog Hometown: Durango, Colorado Song: "Salt Creek / Gold Rush" Release Date: April 15, 2022 In Their Words: "Each of the three members of Tone Dog has a unique musical background outside of bluegrass, ranging from grunge to jazz, the Dead and beyond. Though we each come from a different musical perspective, what…

WATCH: Ash & Eric,
PremieresApr 13, 2022

Artist: Drew Cooper Hometown: Born in Springfield, Illinois, raised in Tucson, Arizona Song: "Darker and Darker" Album: This Life Release Date: April 15, 2022 Label: Atomic Javelina Records In Their Words: "'Darker and Darker' is about addiction, from all sides of it. I struggled with the use of pain killers some years back and staying…

WATCH: Ash & Eric,
PremieresApr 12, 2022

Artist: Our Band Hometown: New York City Song: "Then Comes the Night" (Feat. Cindy Cashdollar) Album: Our Band: Live Studio Sessions Release Date: May 11, 2022 Label: Wavy Glass In Their Words: "Our Band is always looking to expand our sonic palette. We were recently asked to create a virtual concert experience for Lincoln Center,…

WATCH: Ash & Eric,
PremieresApr 8, 2022

Artist: Sam Outlaw Hometown: Los Angeles, California Song: "Polyamorous" Album: Popular Mechanics Label: Black Hills Recordings In Their Words: "This song is inspired by an awesome book called The Secret History of Wonder Woman. It tells the true story of the fascinating love triangle that created the Wonder Woman comics, and the controversy their relationship…