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Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
Basic Folk - Peter MulveyMilwaukee-born Peter Mulvey has, along with classical duo SistaStrings, made an anti-fascist record. According to Peter, “to make an anti–fascist record, you must keep kindness and compassion in the foreground.” Love is the Only Thing goes from family, to politics, to family, to racism and back to family. It’s as…
Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
PodcastsAug 4, 2022

For Adia Victoria, the blues are not just a genre of music or a set of formal elements. She lives the blues. In her life and work the blues are a mode of creating, a river-tradition into which she steps with each performance, and a way back into self-acceptance. Adia has traveled the world and…

Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
PodcastsJul 28, 2022

I have been wanting to talk to Scotland-born fiddler and current New Yorker Hannah Read on the pod for longer than Basic Folk has existed. I met her at the very fun camp Miles of Music in New Hampshire. We laughed our faces off all week and I was truly blown out of the water…

Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
PodcastsJul 21, 2022

We go track by track on Canadian-born New Zealand feminist trouble maker and country music superstar Tami Neilson’s fifth album, Kingmaker. Recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios, the songs of Kingmaker expose industry systems, exploding patriarchal structures of the industry, society and family. It’s definitely not new territory for Tami -- her previous two albums called…

Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
PodcastsJul 14, 2022

It's hard to not fall a little in love with Willi Carlisle. The former high school football captain (he'll tell you it was just for his junior year), poet, madrigals singer and freaky dreamer is irresistible on stage and on record. He grew up an outsider and the feeling remains in his adult life. LISTEN:…

Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
PodcastsJul 7, 2022

When Leon Timbo was a teenager, he prayed for a singing voice. As a young poet and the child of a preacher, he was a born storyteller, but he dreamed of being able to sing. Leon’s remarkable artistic journey has been the answer to that prayer. LISTEN: APPLE • SPOTIFY • STITCHER • AMAZON • MP3 Timbo started…