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Basic Folk - William Prince
Indigenous VoicesMar 29, 2022

"Deep Roots, Many Voices" is a project by the Blue Ridge Music Center exploring diversity and inclusion in roots-based music. In these videos, we pair two musicians in each episode to talk about issues related to race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation; how these issues have been part of their personal stories; and the importance of…

Basic Folk - William Prince
Indigenous VoicesJan 6, 2022

The self-titled country album by East Texan singer-songwriter Vincent Neil Emerson (Choctaw-Apache) oozes of the iconic “Wild West” with honky-tonk sensibilities and bluegrass touches that combine so many favorite textures and styles of country and Americana’s primordial ooze. His personality and identity are forward in every aspect of the project, from the lyrics to the…

Basic Folk - William Prince
Indigenous VoicesSep 22, 2021

Artist: Digging Roots Hometown: Barrie, Ontario, Canada Song: "Cut My Hair" Album: Zhawenim Release Date: 2022 Label: Ishkōdé Records In Their Words: "'Cut My Hair' is a mishkiki (medicine) song about the Indian Residential School experience which is directly linked to genocide, colonialism, oppression, and the actions that this country is built upon. While our…

Basic Folk - William Prince
Indigenous VoicesMay 26, 2021

Artist: Charly Lowry & The Heart Collectors Hometown: Charly Lowry: Pembroke, North Carolina; The Heart Collectors: Hinterland Byron Bay, NSW, Australia Song: "Navigating to Hope" from Folk Alliance's Artists In (Their) Residence program Release Date: June 1, 2021 In Their Words: "It's safe to say this global ordeal has proven that no one being has…

Basic Folk - William Prince
Indigenous VoicesMay 25, 2021

Artist: Lula Wiles Hometown: Our band sort of has two hometowns: we started the band when we were all living in Boston, but we first played music together as tweens at Maine Fiddle Camp, located in Wabanaki (Penobscot) territory (“Montville, Maine”). New Album: Shame and Sedition Personal nicknames (or rejected band names): Personal nicknames —…