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WATCH: Digging Roots,
Indigenous VoicesNov 6, 2020

Canadian singer-songwriter Julian Taylor didn’t set out to make a country record with The Ridge, but the album oozes with authentic tinges of the vibrant, pan-Canadian roots music scene. Based for most of his career in Toronto, it’s not surprising that the album (produced by Saam Hashemi) feels crisp, modern, and listenable, but its inextricable…

WATCH: Digging Roots,
Indigenous VoicesOct 29, 2020

Artist: Raye Zaragoza Hometown: Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC Latest album: Woman In Color (Rebel River Records) Personal nicknames (or rejected band names): Ray was my nickname for my whole life. My full name is Rayanna. I added the e when I started playing music! What's your favorite memory from being on stage? My favorite memory…

WATCH: Digging Roots,
Indigenous VoicesOct 19, 2020

Artist: William Prince Hometown: Peguis First Nation – Manitoba Song: "Gospel First Nation" Album: Gospel First Nation Release Date: October 23, 2020 Label: Glassnote In Their Words: "Gospel is by definition 'the good news.' These songs were capable of lifting spirits in the darkest of times. I witnessed it on many occasions. They provided hope…

WATCH: Digging Roots,
Indigenous VoicesSep 4, 2020

Artist: Raye Zaragoza (feat. Colin Meloy on harmonica and Laura Veirs on banjo) Hometown: New York City Song: "They Say" Album: Woman in Color (produced by Tucker Martine) Release Date: October 23, 2020 Label: Rebel River Records In Their Words: "This song is about the dysfunction of American power structures. It’s about how the systems…

WATCH: Digging Roots,
Indigenous VoicesJul 13, 2020

Artist: Cary Morin Hometown: Lives in Fort Collins, Colorado; from Great Falls, Montana Song: "Valley of the Chiefs" Album: Dockside Saints Release Date: August 7, 2020 In Their Words: “A true story told by my great grandmother at my Crow naming ceremony when I was about four years old. It tells of when she was…