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MIXTAPE: Anthony d'Amato's Train Songs
MIXTAPE: Anthony d'Amato's Train SongsWhile putting the finishing touches on my new record, At First There Was Nothing, I found myself living beside the tracks of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in southwestern Colorado. Widely considered one of the most scenic train trips on the continent, the jaw-dropping route stretches 45 miles…
MIXTAPE: Anthony d'Amato's Train Songs
MixtapeJul 11, 2022

To me, the idea of the joyful contrarian is synonymous with being an artist. Joyful because on some level the creative person’s pursuit is to get high and stay high, to chase the spark that sets your soul on fire; contrarian because artists go their own way. The artist’s work may reinforce or defy social…

MIXTAPE: Anthony d'Amato's Train Songs
MixtapeJun 6, 2022

I found myself digging into my comfort music throughout '20-'21. It felt like a hard time to be adventurous. These songs are from so many records I've spent so music time with, and which surely informed my new album, Power Up! (out June 10). It also features a few of the great folks we lost…

MIXTAPE: Anthony d'Amato's Train Songs
MixtapeApr 25, 2022

Slide guitar has been a lifelong fascination for me. I got into it when my uncle gave me a slide for my birthday when I was about 13. I had no idea how to use it, but eventually figured it out by copying Mick Taylor on Sticky Fingers, and I went from there. I've gone…

MIXTAPE: Anthony d'Amato's Train Songs
MixtapeMar 28, 2022

Something special happens when multiple human voices intertwine. Maybe it stirs something in our DNA, some echo of countless lost generations and the songs they sang together on countless fire-lit nights. All I know is that people love it. It’s the part of our show people remark upon the most afterward, often adding something along…

MIXTAPE: Anthony d'Amato's Train Songs
MixtapeJan 10, 2022

I’ve always been a lyrics guy at heart. Although more recently my opinion on what constitutes a great lyric has evolved from my younger days, for example I’m now much more open to experimental and abstract lyricism, but I still love a song that has a clear story to it. I know lyrics aren’t that…