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Basic Folk - Sara Watkins
Basic FolkFeb 24, 2023

Fun times with our favorite non-duo duo Anna Tivel and Jeffrey Martin. The pair met in the early 2010’s in Portland, bonded over songwriting and have been together ever since. They got together at a time when they were both learning how to tour and they were able to figure it all out as a…

Basic Folk - Sara Watkins
Basic FolkFeb 16, 2023

WHOA! SistaStrings is the real life sister duo of Monique (cello) and Chauntee (violin) Ross. Currently tearing it up on the road with Brandi Carlile and Allison Russell, The Ross sisters' musical roots began with their intense classical training, family gatherings and in church. All five of their siblings played music, toured around with their…

Basic Folk - Sara Watkins
Basic FolkFeb 9, 2023

Growing up in the Berkshires, Massachusetts-born Eliza Edens grew up in a family with strong musical roots. Getting her first guitar at 16, she was moved to write songs as her chosen form of expression. After some time in Philly, Eliza took on New York, choosing Brooklyn as her home base. There she found community…

Basic Folk - Sara Watkins
Basic FolkFeb 2, 2023

Mark Erelli is slowly going blind. In August 2020, he noticed he couldn’t see his fingers during a show. After that, as he was driving in a tunnel, everything went black. Mark went to the doctor and was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, or RP. Since then, his life has changed in ways he could never…

Basic Folk - Sara Watkins
Basic FolkJan 26, 2023

Originally from a small town - Gause, Texas - Ruthie Foster came from a family of gospel singers. Singing gospel music acted as a prime method of communication in her life, strongly enough that it ended up being her career. Along the way, Ruthie studied audio engineering in college, which ended up giving her invaluable…