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Roots Culture Redefined

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Basic Folk: Ana Egge
Basic FolkJun 13, 2024

After banjo player Ka√Įa Kater attended AmericanaFest in 2016, the music industry started telling her she was a part of the genre, which encompasses all kinds of roots, acoustic, folk, singer-songwriter and alternative country music. She was singing about heavy themes like historical trauma, her cultural heritage (her father is from the Caribbean country of…

Basic Folk: Ana Egge
Basic FolkJun 6, 2024

On the latest episode of Basic Folk, frontman ‚ÄčRyan ‚ÄčMiller joins us ‚Äčto ‚Äčtalk ‚Äčabout ‚Äčall ‚Äčthings ‚ÄčGuster. ‚ÄčFrom ‚Äčtheir ‚Äčtried ‚Äčand ‚Äčtrue ‚Äčcollaborative ‚Äčwriting ‚Äčprocess ‚Äčto ‚Äčthe ‚Äčtheatrical ‚Äčdelights ‚Äčof ‚Äčtheir ‚Äčrecent "We ‚ÄčAlso ‚ÄčHave ‚ÄčEras" ‚Äčtour, ‚Äčto ‚Äčwhat ‚Äčit ‚Äčreally ‚Äčlooks ‚Äčlike ‚Äčto ‚Äčmake ‚Äčenvironmental ‚Äčsustainability ‚Äča ‚Äčpriority ‚Äčon ‚Äčtour. ‚Äč Guster ‚Äčhas…

Basic Folk: Ana Egge
Basic FolkMay 30, 2024

I hate surprises. However, Oklahoma's pride and joy John Moreland surprised us in April with his latest album, Visitor, and I guess I'm okay with it. Moreland's gone back to a sparse acoustic instrumentation, unlike the electronic sound (which I also loved) on his previous release, 2022's Birds in the Ceiling. Recently, he took a…

Basic Folk: Ana Egge
Basic FolkMay 23, 2024

Barnstar!, Boston's premier kinda bluegrass and definitely bombastic band, has released their new album Furious Kindness and we're #blessed to welcome Mark Erelli and Zachariah Hickman to the pod. Originally a fun side hustle and bluegrass vehicle for Zack, the group ‚Äď which also includes Charlie Rose and Taylor and Jake Armerding ‚Äď started very…

Basic Folk: Ana Egge
Basic FolkMay 16, 2024

Two long-time collaborators, cellist Francesa Ter-Berg and violinist Flora Curazon, Fran & Flora, have bonded over their obsession with ancient music, rooted in Eastern European and Jewish culture, for over a dozen years. Together and separately, the English musicians have been studying with teachers of ethnomusicology in places like Transylvania and Romanian. There, they took…

Basic Folk: Ana Egge
Basic Folk: Ana Egge