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Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
Basic FolkJul 14, 2022

It's hard to not fall a little in love with Willi Carlisle. The former high school football captain (he'll tell you it was just for his junior year), poet, madrigals singer and freaky dreamer is irresistible on stage and on record. He grew up an outsider and the feeling remains in his adult life. LISTEN:…

Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
Basic FolkJul 7, 2022

When Leon Timbo was a teenager, he prayed for a singing voice. As a young poet and the child of a preacher, he was a born storyteller, but he dreamed of being able to sing. Leon’s remarkable artistic journey has been the answer to that prayer. LISTEN: APPLE • SPOTIFY • STITCHER • AMAZON • MP3 Timbo started…

Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
Basic FolkJun 30, 2022

Dietrich Strause, raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was classically trained on trumpet growing up, but the allure of songwriting and performing his own music pulled him into the Americana world. He found his way to the Boston area and into its super collaborative and supportive community. LISTEN: APPLE • SPOTIFY • STITCHER • AMAZON • MP3 On his new…

Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
Basic FolkJun 23, 2022

Edie Carey's last solo full length album was in 2010 (holy smokes!) so we are more than ready to dig into her new record, The Veil, encompassing themes like motherhood, infertility, love, being a lady while raising a girl and all the things that make you cry in your cereal. LISTEN: APPLE • SPOTIFY • STITCHER •…

Basic Folk - Peter Mulvey
Basic FolkJun 16, 2022

Blues musician Cristina Vane has lived many lives. She grew up in Europe listening to an eclectic mix of emo, pop, and rock. She came to the U.S. to study comparative literature at Princeton before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her songwriting career. Determined to get her music out there on her own terms,…