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BGS Wraps: Andrea von Kampen, “A Midwest Christmas”

Dec 8, 2020

BGS Wraps: Andrea von Kampen,

Artist: Andrea von Kampen
Single: “A Midwest Christmas”
Release Date: November 6, 2020

In Their Words: “When I sat down to write my first-ever original Christmas tune, I felt at a loss for what to even write about. This year has been tough and disappointing in so many ways for everyone. I wanted to lift spirits of people, but I didn’t feel like sleigh bells, ice skating, or any of the other quintessential Christmas topics were relatable right now. I started to think about what really makes me happy and feel at peace during the holidays. It hasn’t ever been the shopping or the big light displays, but the simple moments that show human kindness. That’s what ‘A Midwest Christmas’ is really all about.” — Andrea von Kampen

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BGS Wraps: Andrea von Kampen,
BGS Wraps: Andrea von Kampen,