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Gig Bag: Jaime Wyatt

Jan 9, 2017

Welcome to Gig Bag, a BGS feature that peeks into the touring essentials of some of our favorite artists. This time around, we look at what Jaime Wyatt has to have handy when she’s out on the road.

Notebook: The road brings me into contact with so many characters and inspiring stories, so when I am a passenger and I have a moment to unwind in the van, I spend a lot of time working out different ideas — lyrical ideas and short stories. 

Silver boots: Thank you, Paul Kaufman, for hooking me up with the best pair of boots I have ever owned. My first pair of non-vintage, custom boots and they’re my pride and joy. They make a pair of jeans and t-shirt feel like a Prada suit. 

Vitamins: Thanks to my NorCal time, I learned about high-quality vitamins when recovering from traveling and physical exhaustion. 

Vintage Western suit: Best score I ever found in Pendleton, Oregon, on tour a couple summers ago. This one started a love affair with vintage Western suits. 

My friend Gloria Noto gave me this amazing palo santo oil from her hand-made line, Noto Botanics, and it’s incredibly soothing, when I’m stressed or need to wind down after a gig. Just rub some on your wrists, inhale a few times and kick back.

Lede photo by Olivia Jaffe. All other photos by Jaime Wyatt.SaveSave

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