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LISTEN: Alanna Gurr & the Greatest State, ‘True for You’

Jun 8, 2017

Artist: Alanna Gurr & the Greatest State
Hometown: Guelph, ON
Song: “True for You”
Album: Stand Still
Release Date: June 16, 2017
Label: Missed Connection Records

In Their Words: “‘True for You’ is the piano-driven ballad of the album. Its about all roads leading to one point and one person, no matter how hard you try to deviate. I wrote this song while in the midst of trying to be good on my own, but realized that I couldn’t do that until I admitted my heart belonged to someone, at the time. And I kept getting pulled back into it. I love the way Thomas Hammerton plays the piano on this song and how it moves away from our other sounds a little. It has a warmth and feels perfect to end our album.” — Alanna Gurr

Photo credit: Nicolette Hoang

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