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LISTEN: Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen with Del McCoury, ‘Pretty Woman’

Feb 9, 2016

Artist: Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen with Del McCoury
Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Song: "Pretty Woman"
Album: Family Friends & Heroes
Release Date: March 4
Label: Compass Records

In Their Words: "I’ve always loved Roy Orbison’s 'Pretty Woman.' Probably got my affinity for Roy from my mother. She always loved his songs and even sang a couple of them. So, I got the crazy idea to record 'Pretty Woman,' all the while wondering who could I get to sing the duet/tenor part throughout with me. The first person that came to mind was Del McCoury. Luckily, he was willing and able.

What a thrill to have such a bluegrass powerhouse singing with me! Del was extremely gracious and humble in the studio. Pretty much anywhere I have a chance to say hello to him, he’s a regal as they come — a gentleman indeed. Danny Booth laid down the law on the bass, Chris Luquette killed it on the guitar, and Mike Munford is as tasteful and exciting on the banjo as anyone could ever wish to be. This track kicks off the new record, and I feel like it’s a vibe that anyone can connect to. There’s even a taste of 'Day Tripper' that made it’s way into the arrangement and an extended jam that will thrill the bluegrassers, the jam-grassers, the new-grassers, and beyond. Maybe we should just call it 'All-grass,'" — Frank Solivan

Photo Credit: Chester Simpson

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