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LISTEN: Kingsley Flood, ‘Try’

Sep 9, 2016

LISTEN: Kingsley Flood, 'Try'

Artist: Kingsley Flood
Hometown: Boston & DC
Song: "Try"
Album: Another Other
Release Date: October 14

In Their Words: "I spent this album talking about my own identity, and the politics defining it. I keep coming back to this idea that change – on the political level – is hard to come by. For 'Try,' I brought that idea to the personal level, and this fear I have of complacency. I wrote this tune after seeing an older couple in a restaurant not say a word to each other their entire dinner. And I got freaked out that age would lead to complacency and suck any excitement out of life. I swore in that moment that if I ever realized I was that set in my ways, I would find a way to change and inject some life into my life." — Naseem Khuri

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LISTEN: Kingsley Flood, 'Try'
LISTEN: Kingsley Flood, 'Try'