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LISTEN: Larry Keel, ‘Memories’

Jan 18, 2016

LISTEN: Larry Keel, 'Memories'

Artist: Larry Keel
Hometown: Lexington, VA
Song: "Memories"
Album: Experienced
Release Date: February 26

In Their Words: "This is my mama's new favorite song of mine, since it puts into words my honest sentiments about treasured people and experiences from times past. At a certain point in the song's development, I needed another verse and it just wasn't coming to me. That's usually when I turn to my wife Jenny for some input. She nailed it with the next-to-last verse. Mostly, this song is just my way of expressing very basic, universal feelings that I figure most everyone has about the lasting impression certain memories have. I hope everyone can relate." — Larry Keel

Photo credit: Stephanie Young of Forever Young Photography

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LISTEN: Larry Keel, 'Memories'