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LISTEN: Laura Rabell, “This Stone”

Jul 15, 2020

LISTEN: Laura Rabell,

Artist: Laura Rabell
Hometowns: Pensacola, FL & Charlotte, NC; now in Nashville
Song: “This Stone”
Album: Immortal
Release Date: July 31, 2020

In Their Words: “‘This Stone’ turned out to be prophetic. It foreshadowed some important emotional truths I ended up having to face. And I’ll be damned if the Pfaltzgraff wedding china I inherited from my grandmother didn’t literally start cracking and falling apart! Be careful what you write, I guess… ‘This Stone’ is about really trying to make something work, but coming to the realization that it never will. That you can keep on being miserable or make a change. It’s a song about walking away. After all was said and done and the recording was finished, my husband and I had survived an incredibly stressful and tumultuous year thanks to my cancer diagnosis, which inevitably spilled over into our marriage. But this song gave me a precious gift — it was an outlet for all those feelings that were deep beneath the surface.” — Laura Rabell

Photo credit: Daniel Coston

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LISTEN: Laura Rabell,
LISTEN: Laura Rabell,