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LISTEN: Luke Wallace, “Pale Kids”

Feb 19, 2020

LISTEN: Luke Wallace,

Artist: Luke Wallace
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada – Coast Salish Territory
Song: “Pale Kids”
Album: What on Earth
Release Date: March 6, 2020
Label: Come To Life Music

In Their Words: “It’s hard to write songs about privilege without losing people in criticism or preaching. ‘Pale Kids’ is rooted in the truth that non-white communities have been fighting and dying for their rights, and all human rights, for a long time. This song is about calling in my fellow Pale folks into action, recognizing that our voices carry a lot of power when directed at the governments and institutions that maintain our privilege. I’m seeing more and more people from all backgrounds rising to the occasion and using their voices for justice, and I have a hunch that if thousands of privileged, middle-class white folks started showing up in the same way that our non-white counterparts are, we’d see rapid, sweeping changes to the way our governments treat non-white communities. It’s the old ‘with great privilege comes great responsibility.’ This song goes right to the heart of what that means, calling those who can to use their privilege for the liberation of all people.” — Luke Wallace

Photo credit: Alex Harris

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LISTEN: Luke Wallace,
LISTEN: Luke Wallace,