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LISTEN: Margaret Chavez, ‘Grackles and Crowes’

Jan 18, 2018

LISTEN: Margaret Chavez, 'Grackles and Crowes'

Artist: Margaret Chavez
Hometown: Austin, TX
Song: “Grackles and Crowes”
Album: A Loupe
Release Date: January 19, 2018
Label: Goliad Media Group

In Their Words: “I shelved the song for so long that, when I went back to it, I could finally make sense of it all. I didn’t care for it for years, until now. I blame it on the energy flow that came off the Colorado river near where I recorded the album. Front yard full of crows … it happened.” — Margaret Chavez (Marcus William Striplin)

Photo credit: Marcus William Striplin

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LISTEN: Margaret Chavez, 'Grackles and Crowes'