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LISTEN: Prateek, “Wrong”

Mar 24, 2023

LISTEN: Prateek,

Artist: Prateek
Hometown: Belmont, Massachusetts
Song: “Wrong”
Album: ‘Til June
Release Date: April 7, 2023

In Their Words: “Racism affects far more than we give it credit for, and one perhaps under-discussed part of its domain is romance. I’d always grown up believing I was ugly because I’d never heard anyone who looked like me being described as attractive. When Indian people came up in discussion, it was almost always as objects of mockery — see American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar, who enraged fans of the show so much that one of them actually went on a hunger strike. With this kind of discourse in the background of my childhood, ‘Wrong’ was a song waiting to happen. In 2021, it finally did. I wrote it in a day and posted a video of myself playing the song on Facebook. The number of supportive comments inspired me to add it to the album.” — Prateek

Photo Credit: Stephanie Houten

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LISTEN: Prateek,