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LISTEN: Rachel Brooke, “Undecided Love”

Oct 21, 2020

LISTEN: Rachel Brooke,

Artist: Rachel Brooke
Hometown: Lovells, Michigan
Song: “Undecided Love”
Album: The Loneliness in Me
Release Date: October 23, 2020
Label: Mal Records

In Their Words: “It’s like a good classic heartbreak song. Waiting for someone to choose you and return the love you have for them… but maybe they won’t. It’s leaving your fate up to someone else, knowing that there’s a good chance you’ll fall. I love all the sounds and instruments on this one, and I feel lucky to have Dave Feeny play pedal steel. He makes it sound exactly like I’ve always imagined it. I also love the ‘back and forth’ with guitar (Louis Osborn) and pedal steel. I wanted to create a somewhat call and response feel, similar to a conversation between two people, echoing the lyrics in a way. This is actually one of the older songs of the bunch. I think the idea came for this song a few years ago, and it was just a fragment of an idea/song, but we knew something was special about it, and kept working on it. This is my mom’s favorite song on the album, so you know it’s good. ;)” — Rachel Brooke

Photo credit: Jess Varda

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LISTEN: Rachel Brooke,
LISTEN: Rachel Brooke,