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LISTEN: Richard Shindell, ‘Stray Cow Blues’

Sep 7, 2016

LISTEN: Richard Shindell, 'Stray Cow Blues'

Artist: Richard Shindell
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Song: "Stray Cow Blues"
Album: Careless
Release Date: September 9
Label: Amalgamated Balladry

In Their Words: "'Stray Cow Blues' was written out in farm country, way down south. And when I say south, I mean south: on the open Pampa in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. There's a dairy farm nearby. This song is from the point of view of one particular cow, stranded out in the field all night." — Richard Shindell

Photo credit: Alejandro Baccarat

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LISTEN: Richard Shindell, 'Stray Cow Blues'