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LISTEN: The Clements Brothers, “As the Crow Flies”

Aug 17, 2023

LISTEN: The Clements Brothers,

Artist: The Clements Brothers
Hometown: Gloucester, Massachusetts
Song: “As the Crow Flies”
Album: Dandelion Breeze
Release Date: August 25, 2023
Label: Plow Man Records

In Their Words: “’As the Crow Flies’ is a tune written by George and finished by Charles. George came up with the Celtic-inspired tune on the guitar and brought it to the band. Then we played and improvised around on it until we had something we thought was exciting and interesting. The metric modulation and build in the middle of the tune was something George had conceived-of from the initial demo, but it took some playing around and experimenting with until the current progression and bass solo with the fiddle weaving around it emerged. The great fiddler Jenna Moynihan lent her beautiful playing and creative energy to the fiddle part, which we think really tied the tune together in the end. In terms of the tune name, we thought the melody had a kind of soaring and darkly quirky quality to it, so the title “As the Crow Flies” seemed to fit the mood and spirit of the sonic journey. Our late father, who passed just before the album was coming into shape, always loved crows with their intelligent and family-oriented qualities, so it also serves as a little memory capsule to him.” – The Clements Brothers

Photo Credit: Toan Trinh

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LISTEN: The Clements Brothers,
LISTEN: The Clements Brothers,