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LISTEN: The Great Divide, “Into the Blue”

Nov 2, 2022

LISTEN: The Great Divide,

Artist: The Great Divide
Hometown: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Song: “Into the Blue”
Album: Providence
Release Date: October 28, 2022

In Their Words: “This song was written in 2009 in a flurry of songs that came to me over the course of a few evenings. The songs were longings for a love that didn’t quite exist yet for me. I knew it was out there, and I knew it wasn’t what I had. ‘Into the Blue’ is speaking to that love as though it already existed, and in a way, it did. We just hadn’t found each other yet.

“The overall arc of the record is dealing with time; it asks how much time we have left in our lives and how we want to spend the remaining years. It’s about admitting the areas where work is needed and putting in the effort to do something about it. There is a coming full circle aspect for us as a band; as performers and people. Everyone is bringing their best to the table for the first time in years, and when that happens, The Great Divide is a force. This album brings with it a certain hope.” — Mike McClure, The Great Divide

Photo Credit: Sierra Haney

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LISTEN: The Great Divide,
LISTEN: The Great Divide,