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LISTEN: Tin Toy Cars, ‘Addicted to You’

Dec 23, 2015

LISTEN: Tin Toy Cars, 'Addicted to You'

Artist: Tin Toy Cars
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Album: Falling, Rust & Bones
Song: "Addicted to You"
Release Date: January 22

In Their Words: "It’s often said that love is like a drug and, once it’s in your veins, there are few addictions that are harder to quit. You say you're done. You know that it’s tearing you to bits. But in the darkness of your weakest moments, the allure creeps back in … you start to shake, and your head starts to spin. You’re in the cycle again. 'Addicted To You,' plays off of the morphine-like addiction of a tragic love — pushing away and stumbling back. But there’s a bit of hope in the song: 'I won’t stay hooked on you. We both know, if you push hard enough, one day soon I’m going to let you go.'" — Peter Fand

Photo credit: Yann Arnaud

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LISTEN: Tin Toy Cars, 'Addicted to You'
LISTEN: Tin Toy Cars, 'Addicted to You'