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STREAM: Leftover Salmon, ‘Something Higher’

May 3, 2018

STREAM: Leftover Salmon, 'Something Higher'

Artist: Leftover Salmon
Hometown: Denver, CO
Album: Something Higher
Release Date: May 4, 2018
Label: LoS Records

In Their Words: “This album was written and arranged more collaboratively. It’s a reflection of where the band is, at this point. It’s a really healthy collaborative environment, where we’re all creating together. All the wheels are on the ground and all these new ideas are being harvested. I think producer Steve Berlin really helped to realize some of the goals we were aiming for. He has great arrangement ideas, and he knows how to get great sounds and also how these sounds interact with each other to make a big mix.

We’ve always been all over the place, musically. It’s hard for us to tell if we’re a bluegrass, pop, or jazz band. So we don’t try to be any of those things. We just try to be ourselves and let our music shine through, and we let the industry try to figure out what we’re doing. But there’s something that ties the record together. A willingness to provide the feel and the textures and the motion that would benefit the songs the most. I think we serve the songs.” — Vince Herman

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STREAM: Leftover Salmon, 'Something Higher'
STREAM: Leftover Salmon, 'Something Higher'