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STREAM: Odell Fox, ‘Thank You’

Sep 5, 2017

STREAM: Odell Fox, 'Thank You'

Artist: Odell Fox
Hometown: Austin, TX
Album Title: Thank You 
Release Date: September 12, 2017

In Their Words: “Odell Fox is a band that exists mostly on the road; we’ve been touring for a healthy (or unhealthy) chunk of the last three years. As independent artists, we depend a huge amount on the generosity of our families, friends, and fans. The gratitude we feel for our thus-far small but supportive audience is the inspiration for Jenner Fox’s beautiful song, and the title of this album. It’s also about Austin, the city that’s been our sporadic home for the last year-and-a-half. We like to think some of that town’s vibe has rubbed off on these tunes. And then, like so many doe-eyed Americana hopefuls before us, we ran off to record in Nashville, where we were lucky enough to work with producer Kai Welch. He helped us find a sound we didn’t know we had in us. We used one of BΓ©la Fleck’s mics! We sat in a chair that Darrell Scott sat in! That golden sound was in the air around us, seemed like all we had to do was breathe it in and let it back out again.

What we wanted with this record — with any record — is to make something that honestly sounds and feels like the time and place we made it in. We got that with Thank You.” — Raph Odell Shapiro

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STREAM: Odell Fox, 'Thank You'
STREAM: Odell Fox, 'Thank You'