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STREAM: Paul Benjaman Band, ‘Sneaker’

Oct 27, 2015

STREAM: Paul Benjaman Band, 'Sneaker'

Artist: Paul Benjaman Band
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Album: Sneaker
Release Date: October 30
Label: Horton Records

In Their Words: “The whole album ended up carrying a narrative of the night life — not as a lucid concept, but enough to go on that you can fill out the particulars and connect to it in your own way. My favorite songwriting quote is from [Bruce] Springsteen: ‘I’ve never seen a coffee-colored Cadillac, but thanks to Chuck Berry, I know exactly what one looks like.’ That’s my favorite way to approach songwriting — reporting about things that the listener has never seen, but they know what I’m talking about through their own emotions from past experiences.” — Paul Benjaman

Photo credit: Phil Clarkin

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STREAM: Paul Benjaman Band, 'Sneaker'
STREAM: Paul Benjaman Band, 'Sneaker'