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The Show On The Road – Bonnie Bishop

Oct 16, 2019

The Show On The Road – Bonnie Bishop

This week, Z. Lupetin speaks with Bonnie Bishop — the fierce singer/songwriter raised in Texas and Mississippi with a powerhouse voice shaped by decades of singing in smoky bars. She cuts confessional Americana gems that have won her a Grammy for her songwriting and have gained her a growing legion of fans nationwide.


Like her hero Bonnie Raitt, sometimes it takes an artist releasing six records and reaching her late thirties for anyone to take notice. And sometimes it takes a painful divorce to create a song that would be recorded by Bonnie Raitt and help Bonnie Bishop win a Grammy. No, Bishop’s life didn’t change overnight — reality is usually much more sobering than the fantasy of winning big in music. But, Bishop knows she is winning now. Things are really happening, people respect her, and the road is moving — fast. And sometimes that’s the scariest thing of all.

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The Show On The Road – Bonnie Bishop
The Show On The Road – Bonnie Bishop
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