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WATCH: British Folk Singer Sam Lee Explores “The Garden of England”

Nov 4, 2019

WATCH: British Folk Singer Sam Lee Explores

British folk singer, conservationist, and activist Sam Lee is set to release a new album in 2020. In preparation, Lee provides an appetizer for the project with a video for “The Garden of England (Seeds of Love).” Lee’s writing shines in this release, as the melody and structure have a familiar air about them, sharing in the agelessness common in folk traditionals. The arrangement provides a hypnotic, entrancing bed for the melody and draws the listener in with its constant pulse.

The accompanying video is equally mesmerizing, panning through various shots of presumably British countryside and wilderness. As a preview of what we might expect to come on the album, Old Wow, “The Garden of England” piques all the right interests. The new project will be released January 31, 2020. Watch the music video here.

Photo Credit: Dominick Tyler

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WATCH: British Folk Singer Sam Lee Explores