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WATCH: Rainbow Girls, “Compassion to the Nth Degree”

Jun 29, 2022

WATCH: Rainbow Girls,

Artist: Rainbow Girls
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Song: “Compassion to the Nth Degree”
Release Date: June 20, 2022

In Their Words: “If you don’t like protest songs, you’ll love this. In a last-ditch effort to wrench up compassion for those we don’t see eye-to-eye with, we turn to love. This song names a kind of love previously undefined: love for the bigot, love for the thief, love for the destroyer. Infinite compassion. Only light can illuminate the darkness, so this is a sweet little love song for all the sh**heads out there.

“We made this video in our living room. We moved all our furniture outside, spent days taping aluminum foil to big pieces of plywood and hanging tinsel curtains. We bought gaudy cakes and donuts and covered them in glitter. We commissioned a custom eggplant emoji piñata from a woman in Oregon because we wanted a metaphor so blatant that even Party City couldn’t help us. We hired our dear friend Sam Chase to take a risk, take a test, and make this video with us (he also has a cameo in the video as our Donut Sommelier). We wanted to create a liminal zone lacking substance. A sugar-coated wonderland reflecting the vapid distractions and bulging vanity we were seeing all over social media, despite the very alarming reality of the world falling apart in every conceivable way. The thing is, we set out to make something airbrushed and fluffy and stupid in order to ridicule an internet culture that can be all of those things, and in doing so had the most fun ever filming a video. We got to make out with glitter lollipops and roll around in cotton candy clouds — what’s not to love?????” — Rainbow Girls

Photo Credit: Sam Chase

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WATCH: Rainbow Girls,
WATCH: Rainbow Girls,