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  • You Gotta Hear This: New Music From Laurie Lewis, Lonesome River Band, and More
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You Gotta Hear This: New Music From Laurie Lewis, Lonesome River Band, and More

Mar 29, 2024

You Gotta Hear This: New Music From Laurie Lewis, Lonesome River Band, and More

This week, to mark New Music Friday, we have a bevy of brand new music videos from folks like bluegrass legend Laurie Lewis, bassist Nate Sabat, country outfit Jenny Don’t & The Spurs, and flatpicker Rebecca Frazier, who gathers an all star lineup for a new track set to a brand new video. The Reverend Shawn Amos also brings us a delightfully psychedelic visualization to pair with a modern blues and gospel inflected track, “It’s All Gonna Change (For The Better),” that highlights how life on this planet is a gift, not a given. (We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.)

Plus, you won’t want to miss a brand new heartbreakin’ track from first class bluegrassers, Lonesome River Band. And, if you missed our post featuring The Bygones earlier this week, you can check out the duo’s song, “If You Wanted To,” below as well.

It’s all right here on BGS and, to be quite honest, You Gotta Hear This!

Laurie Lewis, “Long Gone”

Artist: Laurie Lewis
Hometown: Berkeley, California
Song: “Long Gone”
Album: Trees
Release Date: March 29, 2024 (single); May 31, 2024 (album)
Label: Spruce and Maple Music

In Their Words: “I have loved ‘Long Gone’ since I first heard Bill Morrissey sing it a couple of decades ago. Recording it was a blast, and I think that as a ‘returning’ song, it is particularly resonant in these post-pandemic times. We’ve all be long gone, from each other and the world at large. Every time I hear Brandon Godman’s fiddle kick-off, I get excited all over again, to be returning from the virtual to the corporeal world.

“Making this video was about the most fun there is, driving an aging 5-speed stick shift truck up and down Sonoma County backroads in the late winter green of Northern California. I love my job!” – Laurie Lewis

Track Credits: Written by Bill Morrissey.

Laurie Lewis – Guitar and lead vocals
Brandon Godman – Fiddle
Patrick Sauber – Banjo
Hasee Ciaccio – String bass

Video Credit: Bria Light

Lonesome River Band, “Hang Around For The Heartbreak”

Artist: Lonesome River Band
Hometown: Floyd, Virginia
Song: “Hang Around For The Heartbreak”
Release Date: March 29, 2024
Label: Mountain Home Music Company

In Their Words: “This song was sent to us from my good friend, Barry Hutchens, who has been writing some material with his son, Will, and Jerry Salley. I call it a ‘Happy Heartbreak’ song as the chorus goes, “If we chase this feeling down whatever road it leads us/ We’ll never have regrets about a chance we didn’t take/ But if we’re just pretending this might be a happy ending someday/ I’ll still hang around for the heartbreak.” It’s a great perspective put together by Barry, Will, and Jerry and it feels like classic Lonesome River Band. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!” – Sammy Shelor

Track Credits:

Adam Miller – Mandolin, lead vocal
Sammy Shelor – Banjo, vocal
Jesse Smathers – Acoustic, vocals
Mike Hartgrove – Fiddle
Kameron Keller – Upright bass

Nate Sabat, “Sometimes”

Artist: Nate Sabat
Hometown: New York, New York
Song: “Sometimes”
Album: Bass Fiddler
Release Date: March 27, 2024
Label: Adhyâropa Records

In Their Words: “Until last September, I was playing a completely different version of this song. Written by the great Abigail Washburn, my initial version was essentially a bass-and-voice rendition of the original. In a prep session with my producer Bruce Molsky, we both agreed that it just wasn’t landing. He pulled out a fretless banjo, and suggested I try leaning into a bluesy, modal sound instead. That idea lit a fire in me, and two hours later we had something completely new.” – Nate Sabat

Track Credits:

Nate Sabat – Bass, vocals
Recorded at Spillway Sound in West Hurley, New York.
Engineered and Mixed by Eli Crews.
Produced by Bruce Molsky.
Mastered by Dave Glasser at Airshow Mastering.

The Reverend Shawn Amos, “It’s All Gonna Change (For The Better)”

Artist: The Reverend Shawn Amos
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Song: “It’s All Gonna Change (For The Better)”
Album: Soul Brother No. 1
Release Date: May 3, 2024
Label: Immediate Family

In Their Words: “There’s a famous comedy bit from George Carlin addressing humans’ disgraceful treatment of Earth. It ends with the punchline, ‘The planet is fine. The people are fucked.’ This song takes a page from Carlin’s book of dark humor. It’s a conversation amongst non-human life counting down the days until these dumbass humans are out of the way. It’s also a simple reminder to ‘WAKE UP!’ as Spike Lee would say. Life on this beautiful planet is a gift – not a given. You dig? Say it with me, ‘We got to all stand up, ain’t gonna take too long. Keep your mind strong.'” – The Reverend Shawn Amos

Video Credit: David Sheldrick

Jenny Don’t & The Spurs, “Pain In My Heart”

Artist: Jenny Don’t & The Spurs
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Song: “Pain In My Heart”
Album: Broken Hearted Blue
Release Date: June 14, 2024
Label: Fluff & Gravy Records

In Their Words: “Inspired by the writing style of Johnny Paycheck and his classic delivery of telling a story while the band keeps it rollin’ on. I love how some of those old classic country singers charm their way through a song where even though they might be in the wrong you still want ’em to win in the end. ‘Yeah, I know, I’m a jerk – but I love ya. Come on, come back home…’ (Not me personally! But you get the idea…)

“While my usual inspiration when it comes to songwriting tends to lean towards the female icons of the genre, for this album, I veered towards more male influences such as Chris Isaac, Lee Hazelwood, Johnny Paycheck, Buddy Holly, John Fogerty, and Link Wray. These diverse songwriters contributed to the inspiration behind the album.

“I’d also like to emphasize that while I take the lead in songwriting, the songs wouldn’t have evolved into what they are without the invaluable input, musical direction, and insight from my bandmates, Kelly Halliburton, Christopher March, and Buddy Weeks. I’m truly grateful for their contributions and thrilled to have collaborated with them on this fun album.” – Jenny Don’t

Track Credits: Written by Jenny Don’t.

Jenny Don’t – Vocals, rhythm guitar
Kelly Halliburton – Bass guitar
Christopher March – Lead guitar
Buddy Weeks – Drums
Rusty Blake – Pedal steel guitar

Recorded at Revolver Studio in Portland Oregon by Collin Hegna, September 2023.

Rebecca Frazier, “Make Hay While the Moon Shines”

Artist: Rebecca Frazier
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee (originally Richmond, Virginia)
Song: “Make Hay While the Moon Shines”
Release Date: March 25, 2024
Label: Compass Records

In Their Words:“Growing up in Virginia and spending much of my childhood by the Chesapeake Bay, I’ve always felt an ethereal connection to the moon. To me, it feels like there’s magic in the air when the moon is full. Getting together with Jon and Bob to write this song was a reflection of that excitement – we were all laughing and cutting loose as we came up with double entendres. We wanted to express that light-hearted, anticipatory feeling of a spirited full moon night – after all, the song is a twist on the phrase “make hay while the sun shines,” which means “get your work done.” What is the opposite of that?

“Bill Wolf produced the track with his innate talent for bringing out the best in musicians – he did such an intuitive job bringing musicians in the room who would create and build the climactic moments with their improvisation. I was floored by the performances of Béla, Stuart, Barry, Sam, and Josh. Christopher Gunn’s videography was beyond my imagination. He captured the imagery of a lighthearted, spirited mood while maintaining a dream-like quality, and I think it’s beautiful.” – Rebecca Frazier

Track Credits: Written by Rebecca Frazier, Jon Weisberger, and Bob Minner.

Produced by Bill Wolf.
Rebecca Frazier – Guitar
Béla Fleck – Banjo
Sam Bush – Mandolin
Stuart Duncan – Fiddle
Barry Bales – Bass
Shelby Means – Harmony vocal

Video Credit: Christopher Gunn Creative

The Bygones, “If You Wanted To”

Artist: The Bygones
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York & Nashville, Tennessee
Song: “If You Wanted To”
Album: The Bygones
Release Date: April 4, 2024
Label: Tonetree Music

In Their Words: “‘If You Wanted To’ encapsulates the feeling of longing for acceptance and approval from someone you love that has known you through many chapters of life. People change and grow over time, and one of the biggest pains is when the ones closest to you don’t grow with you or want to get to know the current person you are. Over time, I’ve realized that you can’t make someone see you and love you for the current walk of life you’re in and not for a previous version of yourself, they have to choose to get to know you. Sometimes the ones you love just want to hold on to the version of you they knew that is no longer here.” – Allison Young

Photo Credit: Laurie Lewis by Irene Young; Nate Sabat by Jules Miranda.

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You Gotta Hear This: New Music From Laurie Lewis, Lonesome River Band, and More
You Gotta Hear This: New Music From Laurie Lewis, Lonesome River Band, and More