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WATCH: Abigail Lapell,
UncategorizedJan 22, 2018

Artist: Joshua Hyslop Hometown: Abbotsford, BC Song: "Home" Album: Echos Release Date: February 23, 2018 Label: Nettwerk In Their Words: "This song is about finding hope in a very dark place. I'm often inspired by little moments of light in times that may otherwise seem dark." -- Joshua Hyslop Photo credit: Jesse Milns

WATCH: Abigail Lapell,
UncategorizedAug 23, 2017

Artist: Jesse TerryHometown: Stonington, CTLatest Album: StargazerPersonal Nicknames: JT, J-Breeze, Breeze-daddy, O'Terry, Breezy Last night @levittpavilion was one of those nights that I'll remember forever. Thanks to my amazing band & string trio & to the Levitt for having me back. And of course thanks to everyone who came out & totally packed out the lawn!!…

WATCH: Abigail Lapell,
UncategorizedJul 5, 2017

Artist: Kashena SampsonHometown: Las Vegas, NVSong: "Greasy Spoon"Album: Wild HeartRelease Date: August 18, 2017In Their Words: "I bartended my ass off to make this record. I payed for everything with cash! I moved to Nashville without ever being here, didn't know anyone. I just had a feeling it was where I needed to be and I…

WATCH: Abigail Lapell,
UncategorizedJun 14, 2017

John Lee Hooker, by any other name, will still be the King of the Boogie. And he certainly went by a lot of names -- a necessary ploy to make money whenever and wherever he could. The blues legend came from Mississippi and made his way to Michigan, by way of Memphis. In Detroit, he…

WATCH: Abigail Lapell,
UncategorizedFeb 14, 2017

Punk rock and roots music aren't typically mentioned in the same breath. However, the two seemingly disparate genres share more in common than initially meets the ear. Both descend from decidedly DIY mindsets; both celebrate players who play fast; both tend, moreso than their mainstream rock and country counterparts, to veer into the political. That a…