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Sitch Sessions: Sierra Hull, ‘Weighted Mind’

Nov 8, 2016


Before she was IBMA's 2016 Mandolin Player of the Year, Sierra Hull popped into Old Settlers Music Festival in Austin, Texas, earlier this year for a Sitch Session of "Weighted Mind," the title track from her latest release. Hull gets a mountain of rightful praise for her picking skills, but she also deserves some credit for her singer/songwriter chops. "Should I lead? Should I lay low? If I ask you, will you even know? From the roof to the ground, these walls must come down," she sings with poise and purpose, working her way toward the mando licks that pack the real punch. Good stuff. 

Directed by: Jeromy Barber of Dinolion 
Edited by: James Templeton and Jeromy Barber of Dinolion


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Sitch Sessions: Sierra Hull, 'Weighted Mind'