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LISTEN: Kelly Marie Martin, ‘Your Rockin’ Bow Don’t Roll No More’

May 15, 2017

Artist: Kelly Marie Martin
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Song: “Your Rockin’ Bow Don’t Roll No More”
Album: The Last Kind Word
Release Date: May 23, 2017
Label: Questionable Records

In Their Words: “This song is from upcoming solo album, The Last Kind Word. The 15 original songs and sound interludes are a reflection of what happens when a broken-hearted girl who used to write songs but has been playing old-time back-up guitar and clawhammer banjo for some years, meets back up with her songwriting and sound design self. A little folky, old-time string trio; a little blue, strange travel sounds and beats; some spoken word; and, like the song here, a good ol’ heartbreak honky-tonk!” — Kelly Marie Martin

Photo credit: Jessie Gentry

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