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Photo Gallery: Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival

Aug 5, 2022

Photo Gallery: Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival

“What started as a small party with 250 people in a neighbourhood in the north of Rotterdam in 2009, initiated by promoter and local resident Guido de Groot, this year resulted in a three day international festival, with 35+ national and international acts, on three stages at and around the Pijnackerplein, during the final weekend of June. This year’s edition marked the tenth anniversary of Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival, with more than 18,000 roots music lovers – from locals and visitors from outside the city, to people from all over the world – attending the festival. They enjoyed a wide variety of live music performances, but also workshops, jam sessions, small theatre performances, a market and lots of good food and delicious drinks.”Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival

Photos by Paul van der Blom

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Photo Gallery: Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival