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LISTEN: River Matthews, ‘Over’

Jun 20, 2016

LISTEN: River Matthews, 'Over'

Artist: River Matthews
Hometown: Woking, UK
Song: "Over"
Album: Feels Like Morning
Release Date: May 20
Label: Nettwerk

In Their Words: "The song 'Over' was written during the wake of coming to terms with the end of a relationship. The whole lyric pretty much evolved around the line 'and the card you held from the start, you finally played, and now the game is over' which had been rolling round my head for ages! That's where everything else came from.

I remember not being sure about the first line — 'you played with love, yes you did' — for a long time, as it felt too definite, maybe too cutting. But in retrospect, it sums up exactly what I was feeling at the time." — River Matthews

Photo credit: Jason Bhemah

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LISTEN: River Matthews, 'Over'
LISTEN: River Matthews, 'Over'