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LISTEN: Rob Drabkin, ‘Someday’

Aug 8, 2016

LISTEN: Rob Drabkin, 'Someday'

Artist: Rob Drabkin
Hometown: Denver, CO
Song: "Someday"
Album: Someday (Single)
Release Date: August 12
Label: Rob Drabkin Music

In Their Words: "We have the option to chose and uncover love in every decision we make — just a quick change in point of view and, voila, love! It's a mad world full of people hustling and changing paths, directions, and desires. It's easy to feel isolated or abandoned. Sometimes you choose a lonely path or, sometimes, a path chooses you. Sometimes you want to align with someone and it just isn't going to happen. I wrote this song for those moments when it's out of your hands and you just have to let it go and give way to a larger force. I have hope that someday love will join people together. All we can do is keep being kind, being the best we can be, and choosing love in our day-to-day. And maybe it'll find us while we're living in the smallest of scenes, or maybe it'll just have to find us even after we're gone." — Rob Drabkin

Photo credit: Kit Chalberg

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LISTEN: Rob Drabkin, 'Someday'
LISTEN: Rob Drabkin, 'Someday'