Name: Red Wanting Blue
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Latest Project: RWB20: Live at Lincoln Theater

Tacos: Grey Eagle -- Asheville, NC

Pizza: Juliana's -- Dumbo, Brooklyn

Burger: Yo MaMa -- New Orleans, LA

Veggie Burger: Northstar Café -- Columbus, OH

Health Food: Green Café -- Phoenix, AZ

Roadside Diner: Mickey's Diner -- St.Paul, MN

Truck Stop: Porky's Truck Stop at South of the Border -- Dillon, SC

Coffeehouse: Neat Coffee Shop -- Burnstown, ON (R.I.P.)

Dive Bar: Howard's Club H -- Bowling Green, OH

Record Store: Square Records -- Akron, OH

Gear Shop: Chicago Music Exchange -- Chicago, IL

Listening Room: Eddie's Attic -- Decatur, GA

Backstage Hang: SPACE -- Evanston, IL

Highway Stretch: I-90W from Bozeman, MT to Seattle, WA or HWY 101 N (Redwood Hwy) in Northern California

Radio Station: 91.3, The Summit -- OHIO

Day Off Activity: Frisbee Golf

Tour Hobby: Hunting for vintage travel stickers and roadside souvenirs at gas stations/general stores

Driving Album: Lost in the Dream by the War on Drugs

Live Studio Recording Session: Historian Sessions -- Youngstown, OH

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