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16 Bluegrass Songs for Summer Vacation
ListsFeb 16, 2021

BGS and the Philadelphia Folksong Society, who are presenters of the oldest continuously run music festival in North America, are proud to join together to virtually present Cabin Fever Fest on ​February 20 & 21.​ This fully digital, interactive musical experience will include multiple streaming stages, performances by international stars and local favorites, music workshops and…

16 Bluegrass Songs for Summer Vacation
ListsJan 13, 2021

We’re all familiar with the standard bluegrass five-piece band (also a common lineup in old-time or string band music), but there are quite a few second- and third-string instruments -- no pun intended -- that are rarely invited to join ensembles of guitar, fiddle, upright bass, mandolin, and banjo. Dobro is perhaps first on this…

16 Bluegrass Songs for Summer Vacation
ListsDec 11, 2020

At BGS, we seek out roots music from all corners -- for those readers encountering us for the first time, we're not "just bluegrass." With our annual year-end list, we've shaken off the "best of" title and instead gathered 20 recordings that inspired our staff and contributors. For many reasons (but especially the long-awaited return…

16 Bluegrass Songs for Summer Vacation
ListsNov 30, 2020

When it comes to bluegrass and classic country music, North Carolina offers a talent pool that rivals any other state. It's also red hot on the modern country scene, with stars like Eric Church, Luke Combs, and Scotty McCreery hailing from the Tarheel State. Some would say these contemporary musicians are following in the footsteps…

16 Bluegrass Songs for Summer Vacation
ListsSep 24, 2020

The entire BGS team is pretty stoked for our fifth year of Shout & Shine performances! In 2016 we partnered with PineCone Piedmont Council of Traditional Music in Raleigh, NC to showcase diversity in bluegrass and roots music at IBMA's World of Bluegrass business conference and festival. In doing so, a wonderful platform has been provided to…