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Roots Culture Redefined

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BGS 5+5: Kiely Connell
InterviewJun 27, 2024

Great Aunt is an Australian folk duo composed of Megan Bird and Chelsea Allen. For a small outfit, they showcase a wide array of instruments – including mandolin, resonator guitar, acoustic guitar, double bass, percussive instruments, and vocals – with detailed harmonic arrangements. Their music is groovy, with a foot-stomping feel as the base underlying…

BGS 5+5: Kiely Connell
InterviewJun 25, 2024

At whatever level you may be plugged into the online bluegrass scene, you have surely heard, seen, or scrolled into content by Bronwyn Keith-Hynes and Brenna MacMillan. These two young, talented pickers are part of a vibrant and blossoming community of traditional musicians and folk artists that includes folks like Cristina Vane, Victor Furtado, Hilary…

BGS 5+5: Kiely Connell
InterviewJun 19, 2024

“Nobody tells it like it is,” Anna Tivel sings on “Disposable Camera,” the first single from her new album, Living Thing. The song radiates with the joy and pain of reality, climaxing with the lines: That big black train is rolling And that deep down scream is growing A hurricane come howling A shot heard…

BGS 5+5: Kiely Connell
InterviewJun 18, 2024

Artist: Jon Muq Hometown: Kampala, Uganda Latest Album: Flying Away If you didn’t work in music, what would you do instead? I would work in construction or be a lawyer or a therapist. If you were a color, what shade would you be – and why? I would be green – green represents plants and…

BGS 5+5: Kiely Connell
InterviewJun 13, 2024

Sage Christie (formerly known as Siena Christie), is a modern folk artist known for their pure voice and captivating story songs. In both 2022 and 2023, Sage was a finalist at the Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Contest. They also won a handful of other songwriting contests including the Great River Folk Festival songwriting contest in…

BGS 5+5: Kiely Connell
BGS 5+5: Kiely Connell