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3×3: Jillette Johnson on Saying Dope, Liking Butts, and Balancing Environs

Aug 8, 2017

Artist: Jillette Johnson
Hometown: Pound Ridge, NY
Latest Album: All I Ever See in You Is Me
Personal Nicknames: JJ, the kid, Jayge


Happy belated 4th of July. I’m still celebrating. Do I have something on my face?  @danicadora

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Who is the most surprising artist in current rotation in your iTunes/Spotify?

I don’t know if it’s surprising, but lots of Randy Newman.

If you were a candle, what scent would you be?


What literary character or story do you most relate to?

Max from Where the Wild Things Are

What’s your favorite word?

I’ve been told I say “dope” a lot, unironically.

What’s your best physical attribute?

I’m proud to say I’ve come to like all of it, but recently I’ve grown quite fond of my butt. I never used to think twice about it.

Which is your favorite Revival — Creedence Clearwater, Dustbowl, Elephant, Jamestown, New Grass, Tent, or -ists?

Creedence Clearwater


Piano surgery. @jonahkraut

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Banjo, mando, or dobro?


Are you more a thinking or feeling type?


Urban or rural?

I’m a pretty even balance of both. Can’t have one without the other.

Photo credit: Anna Webber

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