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BGS 5+5: AHI
ColumnsSep 15, 2021

Artist: Brad Kolodner Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Latest Album: Chimney Swifts Personal nicknames: B-rad, Dadley, BK Which artist has influenced you the most ... and how? My father Ken, hands down. As long as I can remember, my father’s music has been the soundtrack of my life. To be fair, I didn’t have much choice in…

BGS 5+5: AHI
ColumnsSep 14, 2021

Artist: Martin Sexton Hometown: Syracuse, New York Latest album: 2020 Vision Personal nicknames: Wolfman (band and crew would call me that on the walkies) Which artist has influenced you the most...and how? There are just so many of equal importance. Everyone from Black Sabbath to Pavarotti, from Mel Tormé to Mel Blanc (voice of every…

BGS 5+5: AHI
ColumnsSep 8, 2021

Artist: Suzanne Santo Hometown: Cleveland > NYC > LA > Austin Latest album: Yard Sale Personal nicknames (or rejected band names): Suzanimal, Lewis, Soozanto What other art forms -- literature, film, dance, painting, etc. -- inform your music? I get really sucked into cinema. I’ve written whole songs after being emotionally altered from watching a…

BGS 5+5: AHI
ColumnsSep 2, 2021

Artist: Della Mae Hometown: The United States Latest Album: Family Reunion Nicknames: Celia = Squawkbox; Kimber= Fiddler, Kimby, Auntie, Nimmers (Grammy only); Vickie = VV, Double V, Wickie Rejected Band Names: Big Spike Hammer What's your favorite memory from being on stage? Thanks to my good friend and mentor Rickie Simpkins, I played a show…

BGS 5+5: AHI
ColumnsAug 31, 2021

Artist Name: Jason Eady Hometown: Stephenville, Texas Latest album: To the Passage of Time Which artist has influenced you the most ... and how? Merle Haggard. No question about it. I have learned from him in every way. His effortless style of singing, the simplicity in his writing style, the way he covered different genres,…