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3×3: RL Boyce on Fred McDowell, Feather Pillows, and Fruits as Vegetables

Sep 6, 2017

Artist: RL Boyce
Hometown: Como, Mississippi
Latest Album: Roll and Tumble
Personal Nicknames: No. Nobody done called me nothing but R.L. except my children, they calls me daddy, and my grandchildren, they calls me granddaddy.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended?

Either watching Mississippi Fred McDowell (we called him “Shake ‘Em Down” ) or Rural (RL) Burnside.

How many unread emails or texts currently fill your inbox?

You gots to send those things to my daughter’s phone and she can show ’em to me.

How many pillows do you sleep with?

Just the one. It’s a feather pillow.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Right now, three. I got a pair of loafers, a pair of dress shoes, and a pair of house slippers.

If you were going to buy a famous musician’s pair of dirty socks off of eBay, whose would you buy?

I don’t know eBay. Who is she?

What’s your favorite vegetable?

That would be tomatoes. Somebody told me they was a fruit, but I call ’em a vegatable.

Fate or free will?

I believe a man’s gonna do what a man’s gonna do.

Sweet or sour?

Don’t reckon I like neither. I like my food natural tastin’.

Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset. That’s when the party starts.

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