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Austin Swearengin, ‘Crooked Brain’

Jan 7, 2016

Austin Swearengin, 'Crooked Brain'

Ah, the drunken stroke of brilliance. We've all been there, and we've all forgotten it by morning (or, for some unfortunate few of us, we've remembered our moment of enlightenment, usually via rereading an embarrassing 3 am text message). For Minneapolis songwriter Austin Swearengin, however, those nights out can lead to some great ideas — some of which, unfortuntaley, were never written down.

Swearengin wrote the track "Crooked Brain" about that exact phenomenon. The song is off his upcoming record — Swearengin, Watson and May (Double Shift Music).

"Its the Y2K version of civil war, all in your head," Swearengin says. "Everything's gone to static, the screens won't respond. It's about identity and politics; you're out with your friends having some drinks, and you come up with some great way to describe these things, and you wake up in the morning and have no idea how exactly you worded it." 

Listen to "Crooked Brain," and pick up Swearengin, Watson and May when it releases on February 5.

Photo credit: Emma Cook

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Austin Swearengin, 'Crooked Brain'
Austin Swearengin, 'Crooked Brain'