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Basic Folk – Matt Sucich

Jun 1, 2023

Basic Folk - Matt Sucich

Lately I have been fascinated by musicians who are creative not only in what they create, but also in terms of how they share it. This curiosity has made me a fan of Matt Sucich, an artist who has cultivated a passionate fanbase via his live performances, Instagram livestreams, and thoughtful email newsletter. We are living in a moment of history where there is more music available than ever before, and more ways of interacting with creators than ever before. But it can be challenging to sift through all the noise and get to the heart of things. True intimacy in creative community is rare and I admire those who are able to sustain it. Matt is one of those people.


If you are new to Sucich’s catalog, I suggest starting with his thoughtful, inviting, pandemic-era album, Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself, and then diving into his latest release, Holy Smokes, which is out now on Five and Dime Records. Matt and I talked about how the recording process for this new album differed from past releases, the role humor plays in his music, the open mic night that changed his life, his passion for puppets, what it means to show your work, and the songwriters who have shaped his worldview. He is one of the New York music scene’s best-kept secrets, so welcome aboard the Sucich train!

Photo Credit: Laura Partain

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Basic Folk - Matt Sucich
Basic Folk - Matt Sucich