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  • Ben Glover & Natalie Schlabs, 'Fall Apart'
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Ben Glover & Natalie Schlabs, ‘Fall Apart’

Mar 3, 2017

Ben Glover & Natalie Schlabs, 'Fall Apart'

In the age of social media perfection, where only the best moments and prettiest pictures make the cut, it can sometimes seem like we’re suffering in seclusion. Twitter feeds and Instagram stories make us all feel like the lives we lead are lesser than, and showing signs of sadness or strife is considered a weakness, not an act of courage. Truth is, pain is universal — it’s what makes us human, and beneath every glossy selfie from the beach is a person that hurts just as much as the next. So where to seek relief when that isolation reaches a fever pitch? Well, there’s one place that’s always been safe. And that’s within the confines of a song.

“The world has a way of making promises it can never keep,” sings Irish-born, Nashville-residing Ben Glover on “Fall Apart,” a gorgeous duet with singer/songwriter Natalie Schlabs before they chant in unison, “Honey come home, where it’s safe to fall apart.” Together, their voices ring and resound like a fork tapping crystal, warm enough to shake anyone into security. “Fall Apart,” with its delicate guitar plucks alongside Schlabs and Glover’s breathy vocals, is a sacred place to turn off the filters and let the tears flow. They may be singing to each other, and about the comfort of simple human touch, but the offering to the listener is just as strong: Come home, release the fears and shackles, and just be free to feel. You can fall apart, baby, as they sing. It’s okay.

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Ben Glover & Natalie Schlabs, 'Fall Apart'
Ben Glover & Natalie Schlabs, 'Fall Apart'