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BGS Top 50 Moments: Our First Website

Jan 14, 2022

BGS Top 50 Moments: Our First Website

On the morning of April 22, 2012, the original iteration of went live. That first website was a little more basic than the version you see today — just a few articles, local show listings, photos and videos, and a page for the LA Bluegrass Situation festival. The site proudly featured our first logo design, as depicted above, by DKNG in Santa Monica. There was even a community discussion board (remember those??).

Of course, we had no idea at the time what lay ahead for us, but in retrospect, it’s clear that who we are now was there on that first day, and we’ve been proudly building on that foundation ever since. Read more about the beginning of BGS.

Stay tuned every week for another memorable milestone from the past ten years in our new BGS TOP 50 MOMENTS series.

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