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BGS WRAPS: Phöenix Lazare, “Winter White”

Dec 7, 2019

BGS WRAPS: Phöenix Lazare,

Artist: Phöenix Lazare
Song: “Winter White”
Album: Winter White/Evergreen

In Their Words: “‘Winter White’ is a full-spirited Christmas lullaby that celebrates the magical annual transition into the holidays. Capturing the warm glow of the season, the song is straight from my heart. This is emulated in the vocals, piano and soft drums that lie underneath lyrics reflecting on the small miracles of a simple, yet meaningful holiday. I hope ‘Winter White’ transports listeners to a cozy, familiar kitchen or fireside.” — Phöenix Lazare

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BGS WRAPS: Phöenix Lazare,
BGS WRAPS: Phöenix Lazare,
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