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Gig Bag: Blitzen Trapper

Dec 4, 2017

Welcome to Gig Bag, a BGS feature that peeks into the touring essentials of some of our favorite artists. This time around, Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley gives us a look at what the band has to have handy when they are out on the road.

Lucky boots: I always bring my lucky boots, bought for $8 in Tucson in ’07. Road worn and wise, they’ve seen things and walked weird roads upon the Earth.

Tape recorder: Can’t forget the trusty Sony VOR. Nothing like tiny tape to capture the waking world in all its glory. Sounds live on or die accordingly. Call me old school, but I prefer the non-digital hand held.

Pen: Always with a four-color pen, Made in France like good wine, never know when you’ll need an overlooked color choice. “Treat words with respect” is a fine motto.

Bracelet: Mike always wears his bravery bracelet, which his son Winter used to get through those first few scary days of kindergarten.

Books: Brian always brings far more books than he can possibly read, but “better safe than sorry” is a fine motto, once again.

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