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Harmonics with Beth Behrs: Carly Stein

Apr 6, 2021

Harmonics with Beth Behrs: Carly Stein

This week on Harmonics, host Beth Behrs speaks with entrepreneur Carly Stein, founder and CEO of wellness brand Beekeeper’s Naturals.


Stein talks with Beth about the journey that brought her to the founding of the company, from a childhood and young adult life afflicted with chronic illness and an allergic reaction to Western medicine, to a seemingly miraculous discovery of propolis (a substance created by honeybees) as an aid for said illness, and her subsequent endeavors in bringing authentically organic, high quality, natural bee products to North America through her own beekeeping. Carly’s story is an eye-opening look into the sometimes murky world of wellness, and an inspiring tale of determination and vision.

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Harmonics with Beth Behrs: Carly Stein