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LISTEN: Andy Ferrell, ‘Another New Year’s Eve’

Dec 30, 2015

LISTEN: Andy Ferrell, 'Another New Year's Eve'

Artist: Andy Ferrell
Hometown: Boone, NC
Song: “Another New Year’s Eve"
Album: At Home and in Nashville
Release Date: March 24

In Their Words: "The song is very much about New Year's Eve. That’s the setting of all of the scenes, and I actually wrote it on New Year's Eve/day. It's supposed to take place in the '50s or '60s — although that's really up to the listener to decide, since the only indicator of time is that it's after Hank Williams died in1953.

The song is my interpretation of a lot of people's feelings about a new year which is that, more often than not, people almost always have regrets about the year that's coming to a close and vow the next one will be better. Hence the understated chorus: 'It's alright with me, another New Year's Eve.' I tried to paint a picture and set a mood of melancholy beauty." — Andy Ferrell

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LISTEN: Andy Ferrell, 'Another New Year's Eve'