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LISTEN: Bill and the Belles, ‘DreamSongs, Etc.’

Aug 22, 2018

LISTEN: Bill and the Belles, 'DreamSongs, Etc.'

Artist: Bill and the Belles
Hometown: Johnson City, Tennessee
Album: DreamSongs, Etc.
Release Date: August 24, 2018
Jalopy Records

In Their Words:DreamSongs, Etc. captures the sound we’ve worked tirelessly in developing over the past three and a half years incorporating influences from a variety of times and places that were once representative of country music. We think listeners will find these songs refreshing in their simplicity and delivery, and hope the joy we experienced in creating this record transcends to their listening experience. We hope timelines become blurred… that the music can speak for both the here and now yet remind us of our past bringing listeners a sense of comfort and familiarity in a time that’s anything but. The voices and songs of America’s past float around all of us up in the ethos and we do our best to remain conscious and aware of those sounds when they call. We try and take those sounds to turn them into something that will resonate with people today. More than anything we hope these songs lift your spirits.” — Bill and the Belles

Photo credit: Josh Littleton

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LISTEN: Bill and the Belles, 'DreamSongs, Etc.'
LISTEN: Bill and the Belles, 'DreamSongs, Etc.'